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Two Men Are Busted Stealing A Man’s Stuff On The Beach-Watch What Happens!

When the man in this video approached his family’s belongings on the beach, he saw two women attempting to take down his canopy and steal his belongings. When asked if the canopy was their’s, they first said no and then said yes.

When the man revealed they were his belongings, things got heated and the atmosphere changed very quickly. When you see what happened, you will be shocked!

This man tried to be cool with the attempted theft of his belongings but the two thieves took it up a notch and began verbally and physically trying to attack him! Can you imagine coming on a scene where people were stealing your stuff right in broad daylight?

These women were rude and unapologetic! Thankfully, the man arrived just in time to be able to prevent his things from being carried off. Watch these two beach bums get caught in the act and don’t forget to Please SHARE on Facebook!

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