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Two Powerful Voices Performing Together

Many people think they have heard some great duets over the years. This one has to stand out as one of the best. Two powerful voices get together for one amazing performance. Celine Dion was hosting a special on a television network. She was hosting the special called That’s Just the Woman in Me. This singer was filming the show at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles. She calls a gust up for a powerful performance.

Josh Grobam is called to the stage to perform. The pair sings the song called The Prayer. Both of these performers have powerful voices on their own. When they sing together magic happened. This performance got the attention of everyone in the audience. They were mesmerized by what was going on during this performance.

The crowd loved it and so did the people viewing from their home. This is one of the special times when singers are able to put their heart and soul into their music. Please SHARE in Facebook!

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