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Vet Freed chained wid horse got lovely thank you from the horse

A touching video comes from Romania, bringing many animal lovers to tears.

It is a constant practice there to put wild horses in the middle of anything in chains in order to tame them and make them easier to ride.

Trapped in chains and without freedom, the wild horse was waiting in the clip with fear in his eyes for what would happen. He wanted the love and attention, and his calls for help were heard by passers-by.

FOUR PAWS International, Youtube
The veterinarian, Ovidiu Rosu, soon arrived at the scene, shocked at what he saw. The horse’s legs were chained, and the iron had already dug into his skin.

At first, the vet rescued the horse  fromchains and took care for wounds, and the cameras soon captured a very moving scene. One of the horses approached the vet and thanked him with a shy kiss. The vet told the media at the time that he would not forget the horse’s move for life!


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