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After This Video, You Might Find Yourself On The Way To An Animal Shelter. I Love The Happy Ending!

Of the 8 million pets that are brought into America every year, only about 5 million get a home while the rest are put to sleep. This has been troubling animal activists for a very long, but now this video will make the fight much easier. It’s an appeal for love!

The video, released by Save a Hound, features this cute pup that’s been waiting for someone to take her to her forever home. Suzzie is beautiful, to say the least, with cute eyes and a brilliant personality that draws everyone’s attention. However, no one has had the hearty to pick Suzzie, but her gift was in store too!

Here comes this little lady, a girl, and she looks at Suzzie and they both fall in love on sight. What happens next can only be described as a blessing for this cute canine, and you can bet she’s going to make quite a great pet for the little girl.

Watch the video and get the full story, and if you believe that more people should opt to adopt instead of buying pets, SHARE on Facebook and let your buddies like it!

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