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Watch This Frightening Social Experiment on Chloroform Kidnapping in China

According to this video, 200,000 children go missing in China each year. Unfortunately, many of these children are kidnapped and sold into the slave industry.

In this social experiment, the pranksters attempt to shed light on the horrors of kidnapping by showcasing the reactions of the public as a simulation kidnapping takes place. You will be stunned as you watch this video and witness the reactions or lack of them from the bystanders.

One would think a kidnapping would raise alarm in people and have them running after the kidnapper. As you will see in this video, the reactions people had were extremely shocking and not at all what you would think!

This video may be seen as a comical prank but it is meant to be serious so that the citizens of China will wake up and protect their children. Innocent lives are being lost on a daily basis so it is important awareness is raised. After you have watched this video,

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