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Watching This Neglected Pit Bull Shattered My Heart – Somebody Must Be Held Responsible!

Sometimes you see a dog or cat running across a street and you wonder where they live and what they eat. Who cares for these animals? The unfortunate is: Nobody. Nobody gives a damn about stray pets, but some animal lovers and rescuers like Hope For Paws have dedicated their energies to save such desperate creatures. They have a story here that’s too sad to bear.

Dennis was a nice dog abandoned on the streets. The dog got into a really bad shape. When the guys from Hope For Paws finally got wind of his situation, they rushed in to save poor Dennis. Unfortunately, the dog’s condition was too weak and he couldn’t survive. It was a really big loss for the whole society.

Mind you, most of the people who seek to adopt pets will pass by a stray pet and not even throw a glance or a bread crumb their way. This mentality needs to change. Stray dogs are nice dogs whose only “bad” thing is not having a home and a family. They deserve love too.

Please watch this video and witness Denis’s’ plight.  Kindly SHARE it on Facebook to let everyone be aware of such things!


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