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Woman disappointed with her “small” engagement ring, savagely humiliates fiancé online after finding the receipt

engagement ring will cost? Apparently, some women do care about how their ring looks like and how big it is. But, is it the bigger, the better? It’s a big yes for this lady who was so disappointed with how small and not enough expensive her ring was that she decided to share her story online in hopes of getting sympathy from other women.

Although it is believed by many that your husband-to-be is expected to spend the amount of one and three salaries for the ring, most people are convinced that this belief is stupid and outdated because it’s imposed by the jewelry and diamond industry and has nothing to do with how much you love and respect the person you buy that ring for.

In her anonymous post she shared on MumsNet, this woman tried to shame her fiance for spending lousy $1,674 for her ring. Although she was thrilled to be proposed to, the size of the diamond was standing on her way to having a blast. She couldn’t hide her disappointment, and now she was asking other women to share their thoughts on what she believed was putting a low value on her as a woman.

Most of the readers felt sorry for her fiance, saying he should rethink marrying a woman who is interested in the material things. There was a small number of those who believed she had the right to the perfect ring.

You can read her story and some of the comments below.

Image credits: Courtney Barrett

She felt like she had to share her frustrations online in hopes of receiving sympathy.

Image credits: Horriblejesus



Some of the comments were harsh and judged her intentions to humiliate her fiance.

The post provoked huge attention, but is no longer available.

How would you feel if you get a ‘small’ ring? Do you feel sympathy for the woman, or you believe she values the material things over the love?

Please share your thoughts with us in the comments.

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