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Woman In Problems After Breaking His Puppy’s Ribs And Spine. It Saddens!

We keep on hearing of animal abuse being executed all over the world.

A certain lady living in West Virginia was arrested and is being charged of abusing her pit bull of 7 weeks old. The vets found the puppy to be in a critical state and doubts are if he will ever walk again.

The 28-year-old lady named Tamara Briggs, is facing charges of animal abuse, which she did on her pit bull puppy of 7 weeks.


It was a buddy to Tamara who raised the concern after seeing the state Trotter, the puppy, was in. the puppy had his spine and ribs broken by Tamara.


Though many cases of animal abuse occur in the USA, Michelle Earl, executive director of the Humane Society of Parkersburg, was shocked with this one. Tests and X-rays revealed that his spine is very much swollen, and the vets spotted blood in the spinal column.


The abuse made Trotter to be unable to have control neither of his bowels nor his bladders.


Tamara posted on Facebook in trial to remove blame on her but rescuers think she was just lying


The whole staff of Humane society together with Michelle, are ensuring that Justice is done and Tamara to be sued. Currently, Trotter is receiving medical attention at Pitties and Purrs in Maryland.

Watch the clip below to see how Trotter is fairing on. Please SHARE this story to all your friends on Facebook to create awareness of ending animal abuse!


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