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A woman was pulled over for speeding. One week later she got this in the mail.


A woman was in tears when she was stopped by a law enforcement officer who pulled her over for speeding. A week later she was shocked by what she found in the mail. Here’s what she wrote on Facebook.

Gina Penny-Headen
Last week I was pulled over for going 65 in a 55. The officer took my license and registration. While I sat and waited I was reminiscing about my dad like always lately. The officer returned to my car and said its your lucky day, we were born on the same day and year, slow down and have a good day. I smiled and said thank you. He walked away and I broke down and started crying. Thinking he was back in his car. He surprised me and tapped on my window asking if I was ok. I told him I was sad, I just lost my dad. He said take a minute and breath. He talked to me a minute then helped me back into traffic. Today I received this beautiful card in the mail.
Thank you Deputy Dan Hill #227 of St. Clair County Sheriffs Department

This was what she saw.

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