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Woman walks outside and freezes in her tracks when she finds her cat with some new unlikely visitors

Ever seen a cat, eagle, and a fox groove together? Get ready for a surprise!!
The clip below was taken Unalaska, Alaska in the Aleutian Islands. Here, the winter season is determinant and lasts for a long time. The camera guy who took the picture just woke up one morning to look outside and see what’s new. What he saw outside on the porch got him shocked. It is not easy for domestic and wild animals to go along together, more so in a human being’s compound.

But in this case, the porch had many visitors. The eagle was perfectly on the lamp post, one cat was resting at one of the stuffs placed at the porch, and there was a little fox that was also present at the porch. All of them never seemed to be looking for trouble or timing each other. To many, they thought that a fox and a cat would never be close to each other as a cat is like a prey for the fox.

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