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Worried Mom Crying Out For People To Save Her Injured Baby – Now Watch When Rescuers Show Up

When her foal was injured, Mother Donkey never left her side as she fought for her life. The foal was attacked by wild animals leaving her tiny body in deep bites and wounds. The shock threatened to kill her, but she never gave up.

Fortunately, a local woman spotted the helpless foal and her mother. She did not think it would survive, but she called Animal Aid Unlimited.

The rescue team arrived in good time and saved the injured foal. The foal’s mother protested when the rescuers led the foal to the van. She thought they were taking her baby away. However, she relaxed when she noticed the men were there to assist.

The locals had poured turmeric on the injured foal hoping to stop the bleeding. At the rescue shelter, Genevieve, the foal received medical attention and was nursed back to health.

Weeks later, Genevieve is healthy and kicking and back to her usual self. Thanks to her mother’s constant love and care and the help from the rescuers, the injured foal got a second chance in life.

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