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You Will Be Amazed at What This Chef Uses to Keep the Unpleasant Odors Out Of His Car

Many people spend a lot of money purchasing car air fresheners. The reason they have to spend so much is because these fresheners typically only last about two or three days and then the car ends up being smelly again. In this video, The One Pot Chef teaches there is a unique and inexpensive way people can freshen their cars and make them smell delightful. With one single ingredient, your car can smell better than ever before!

For this hack, all you will need is a package of tea bags. The One Pot Chef recommends people use flavored teas like vanilla, cinnamon, or raspberry because these will give off a more pleasant and stronger aroma in the car. The tea bags can be placed in the glove compartment, under the seats, and in the ashtrays. The good thing about using tea bags is they will keep the car smelling good for up to a month or even more and they absorb odors instead of simply covering them up. Watch this informative video and then Please SHARE on Facebook to help others!


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